Tips.Net Library

I’ve been doing my ExcelTips and WordTips newsletters for over two decades. (The first issue of ExcelTips came out on November 7, 1998, and WordTips started on March 1, 1997.) That’s a LONG time, and since those long-ago beginnings I’ve amassed a large number of tips, techniques, and ideas for working with both Excel and Word.

As longtime readers of my newsletters know, in addition to the information provided on my Tips.Net websites, I publish e-books, I compile annual tip archives, and I develop video courses.

It is this last item—the video courses—that got me thinking. As I create more and more of these, it is very possible that people will want to take multiple courses. That, however, means more out-of-pocket expense for those wanting to take the courses. For instance, if a person wants to take my three macro-related courses, it could mean spending just shy of $850 for them. For some this is not a problem. For others, it can mean picking and choosing which course to take.

Well, I wanted to come up with a way that people didn’t have to pick and choose. I wanted the equivalent of an “all-access pass” that was affordable for a larger number of people. How to do this, though? That was what I was wrestling with.

I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution—what I call the Tips.Net Library. Keep reading, because I suspect you’ll want to get a pass to this library.

What is In the Library?

Let me describe what is in the Library. The biggest thing is that it contains EVERY VIDEO COURSE I’ve created:

  • Beginning Excel Macros Master Class
  • Advanced Excel Macros Master Class
  • Beginning Word Macros Master Class
  • Mastering Styles and Templates
  • PivotTables for the Faint of Heart
  • Using Dates and Times

If you were to register for these courses individually, the total registration fees would be just over $1,200 for one year of streaming access. I can tell you that access to those courses, alone, means the Tips.Library is a great value.

I decided, though, to include two bonuses in the Library. The first bonus is that I provide access to EVERY e-book I currently offer for Excel, Word, and Windows. (That’s 46 e-books; a $700 bonus by itself.) Plus, you get access to EVERY ExcelTips, WordTips, and WindowsTips annual archive that I currently offer. (That’s 15 annual archives; a $350 bonus.)

That’s a grand total of well over $2,200 of product for only $495 for the first year!

And, here’s the kicker—if I bring out any new video courses, Library members will have complete access to those at no additional cost. I’ll simply add them to the Library, many times in advance of when I make them available to my regular newsletter subscribers.

Plus, if I update any of the e-books, those updates will be added to the Library automatically so that what is available there will always be the most up-to-date versions.

Plus, when I bring out any new annual archive, that will be added to the Library automatically. (There will always be the last five years of archives in the Library for ExcelTips, WordTips, and WindowsTips.)

A Great Value by Any Measure!

So, there you have it—the Tips.Net Library. All of my Excel, Word, and Windows courses, e-books, and archives in one place.

  • Access to all of my video courses
  • Bonus: Access to all of my e-books
  • Bonus: Access to all of my archives
  • Automatic access to all new video courses
  • Automatic access to all new or updated e-books
  • Automatic access to all future annual archives
  • Full access for a year with a significant extension discount

That’s everything I have to offer—my equivalent of an “all-access pass” to my products, including all updates and new additions.

Do you need to join the Tips.Net Library? Of course not. I’ll still be offering access to my individual courses, e-books, and archives as they become available. The Tips.Net Library, though, is the absolute best way to get EVERYTHING at an amazingly low price.

Speaking of price…

What Does the Tips.Net Library Cost?

As already noted, the Library includes over $1,200 in video courses and over $1,000 in bonuses. Access to the library, though, is being offered for only $495 for the first year. That’s over a 78% discount if you purchased all the courses, e-books, and archives individually!

I can’t guarantee that the price of a Tips.Net Library membership will always stay at the $495 price. Down the road, if the content in the Library warrants it, I may increase the cost. For now, though, I think this is a fantastic deal. And, remember, this is the first-year savings. If you choose to extend your subscription after that first year, the extension will be at a significantly lower cost than the $495. (At this point, I’m almost certain that the subscription extensions will be $199.)

The $495 price is if you make a single payment. I know that for some people and some budgets, $495 at one time can be a bit daunting. If you would like to join the Library, but instead be charged monthly for your membership, you can do that as well. Under this plan you pay $125 when you register and then $42.50 per month for the next 11 months. That works out to a total of $592.50 for the monthly plan, which is still over a 74% discount.)

Regardless of which plan you choose—single payment or monthly payments—you should understand that this registration is for a single-user membership. This is not intended for anyone to share with anyone else. Quite honestly, the price is low enough for what is being offered that if I do discover multiple people using the same account, I’ll consider that a violation of the terms of service and will need to cancel that membership.

That being said, I understand that there may be multiple people in a department or company who would like access to the great materials in the Tips.Net Library. Because of that, I also offer a significant multi-user discount. If you want to sign up more than 3 users in your company, send me an e-mail ( and I’ll let you know the details.

If you agree that the Tips.Net Library sounds like a great value, just click the button below that corresponds with the membership plan you want:



If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know: